Welcome to Northwest Gun Magazine, NWGUN.com!

Hello everyone, I wanted to formally kick-off Northwest Gun Magazine by just saying hello here!

What is Northwest Gun?

Northwest Gun Magazine is all out news, product information, and resources related to shooting in the Northwest USA region (and much of the content here will also apply nation-wide, and even internationally!)

Northwest Gun Magazine is all about shooting sports, but specifically, this website and corresponding media will be focused primarily on: (at least to start)

  • Target and competitive shooting
  • Concealed carry
  • Reloading
  • AR-15
  • 1911
  • Autoloaders (general)
  • Shotguns and shotgun sports
  • Hunting
  • Gun rights, news, activism


Currently, Northwest Gun Magazine (NWGUN) is a “sister site” to Ultimate Reloader – http://ultimatereloader.com. You’ll see cross posts, and collaboration between these sites, so please stay tuned here and on Ultimate Reloader for updates and information.

More information to come!


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One Response to Welcome to Northwest Gun Magazine, NWGUN.com!

  1. Clamoure says:

    I’ve been following your Youtube and website videos and posts since last year and have enjoyed them immensely. You obviously spend a LOT of time preparing and editing to produce a quality product. Many thanks! (it was a welcome diversion as I spent a year long deployment in Iraq with the Navy).
    As a guy who was raised (Scappoose, OR) and currently living (Kelso, WA) in the NW I appreciate the local angle to the gun news here at home. I’m looking forward to reading your posts. Keep up the great work!

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