Shout Out: West Coast Armory

There are a lot of things that I look for in an indoor range. There’s the shooting facilities (types of ranges, distances supported, etc), the selection and prices for firearms, inventory of shooting gear and accessories, and many other factors. One of the other factors that’s really high on my list is the staff. You may have visited ranges that are run by people that either don’t want to seem to do business, or who have a very grouchy or arrogant demeanor. (doesn’t really make you want to come back or spend your money there 🙂 ).

I just had the chance to go to West Coast Armory in Bellevue, WA, and I’ll have to say- it was very impressive! We were doing a photo shoot in the law enforcement bay, which is accessible by premiere members. It was a great day of shooting, and the staff was excited about their job, and helpful to customers.

After shooting, I poked around the store area, and was impressed by the array of guns and gear.

I’m looking forward to going back, and just wanted to do a quick shout out here to a bunch of guys that run a great business. If you’re in Western WA, drop by and check it out!

Oh, and they also have a great gunsmithing shop onsite!

West Coast Armory Indoor Range & Pro Shop Bellevue
13216 SE 32nd Street
Bellevue WA
+1 425 641 2877

West Coast Armory Issaquah
675 NW Gilman Boulevard
Issaquah WA
+1 425 391 4867


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One Response to Shout Out: West Coast Armory

  1. Jeremy says:

    Best range in Western Washington, hands down. If you are looking for the occasional session or a new range to call home, forget the others – check out WCA. And if you are taking out a new shooter in the metro area, you absolutely should pick WCA over Wade’s.

    WCA is cleaner, nicer, safer, well-staffed, well-lit. 100x better.

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