Have you ever thought about being a gunsmith?

If you are like me, when you look at your guns, you see “possibilities”. You might say to yourself “Hmmmm, I’d love to put custom sights on that gun”, or “I bet I could drill and tap scope mounting holes on that rifle”. You might have completed a few projects, and then thought to yourself “I bet I could make money doing this”.

In the first issue of Northwest Gun Magazine, respected gunsmith Grant Cunningham will be discussing this exact topic.

Here, Grant gives a very “down to earth” guide to deciding if starting a gunsmithing business is for you. I can relate to much of what Grant outlines in this article from a professional photographer’s perspective (time, equipment, training, etc). In general, it’s better to know what your getting yourself into before you go too far (don’t ask me how I know that 🙂 ).

If you want to know more about Grant Cunningham (or have a revolver that needs to be worked on) please check out his great website and blog at: http://grantcunningham.com.


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