Taurus PT-1911 – Long Term Review, in Issue 1

Have you wondered about the PT-1911 from Taurus? If you’re in the market for a 1911 pistol, you’ve probably run across one of the variants in your research. With an impressive “standard equipment” list, you may be tempted to buy one.

I purchased the PT-1911 seen here a few years ago (OK, 6 years ago). My friend Dan Sivertsen also picked up a stainless PT-1911 near the same time. In the first issue of Northwest Gun Magazine, I’ve included an article that goes into detail regarding the reliability, customizations, and shooting impressions for both my PT-1911, and Dan’s PT-1911s.

If you’re curious about the PT-1911, you’ll want to check it out!

Here’s a picture of Dan’s PT-1911s:

My PT-1911 has not been perfect, but I’ve enjoyed it. In the article, I outline the various issues that I’ve had with this pistol, and also the ways that I remedied those issues. I’ve also enjoyed customizing this 1911 (custom front and rear sight job, grip).

Look for this article soon HERE!


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5 Responses to Taurus PT-1911 – Long Term Review, in Issue 1

  1. Dale Swanson says:

    I’m looking forward to this as I have a 1911 for which I believe the frame and slide was made by Taurus in Brazil for Springfield Inc. It is a stainless Springfield Armory 1911 45 purchased almost twenty years ago before they became Springfield Armory Inc. and I believe it was one of the first from Springfield after they acquired the tooling and stock from the original government owned Springfield Armory, not made from GI parts, at least not all GI parts. (I also have an M1A from 100% GI parts including the walnut stock with selector cut out from that period.) The frame has small engraving stating Brazil F1 aside from the Springfield Armory lettering and crossed cannons logo.

    I have fired approximately 20,000 rounds (I quit counting and recording around 15,000) of different types of ammo to include commercial from 125 gr. Glazers to 230 gr. hardball and hand loads from 185 gr. to 230 gr. loads in profiles from LSWC to flat nose, truncated and round nose. I’ve not had any problems with factory ammo once past the first 300 to 500 rounds nor with any hand loads if I did my job. Once I understood the necessity of making OAL of hand loads regardless of profile to the same contact point as the 230 gr. hardball it was designed for all is smooth. The only modifications have been sights, trigger, recoil spring rod and grips. Oh, matching recoil spring rating to power are important in some cases. No repairs have been necessary and the barrel is just now turning black although it still shoots better groups than my eyes are capable of. An old Marine, I usually detail strip and clean after every trip to the range and maintain carefully.

    As a result of I have followed Taurus since that time. I fired and carried USMC issue Beretta M9 9MM and purchased one from the factory in 86 while on the Kennedy. I have fired the Taurus version made from tooling licensed from Beretta and found no difference in function or reliability.

    So, for this reason I’m interested in this long term test, I’m always interested in another 1911, particularly one with a factory rail. I grew up on the 1911 in 45 and for me it is easy and comfortable to run and I never had any problem qualifying expert or running combat courses, even with the small GI sights. Of course my eyes were sharper then.

  2. Cesar Alatriste says:

    My new PT1911 didn’t work I had to send it back so they replace it after waiting almost a month i got the a new one from Taurus a few weeks and 200 rounds later the extractor broke is a 5 minute fix and common of 1911 I mail it back for repair they got it on the 4/26/2012 today is the 5/2/2012 I have call many times to have them take care of it ASAP I ask someone to have the manager call me back that was 2 days ago and nobody has call me I call this morning to check on the status and is still has not been repair the cost of this 1911 was almost 700$ plus all the shipping i have to pay many times and it looks like not only I got stock with an UNRELIABLE GUN but also with the reality that they don’t care about my case and now i know it was a mistake getting a Taurus the worst part is that I still don’t when are they going to fix it all I know is that i have to go get another gun today if I want to protect my Business and Home the problem here is not so much a problem with a gun but with 2 guns 1 after the other and no one seems to care…..

  3. Bullseye Tom says:

    I bought a brand new PT-1911 (the blued steel one with the bull’s head walnut stock) at the end of 2008 for a little over $625.00…. This gun has probably had around 500-750 factory rounds of all types run through it and I can honestly say it has NEVER failed to fire, stove piped, or jammed. This gun does however get cleaned after every outing and looks brand new to this day. I think keeping them clean has a lot to to with how they function. As far as accuracy goes, it’s safe to say that it will easily keep up with any of the $2000.00 plus 1911’s on the market as many of the gun writers claim. In fact, I’d say it’s probably even MORE accurate than most of them, at least the ones I’ve fired. Last year, I removed the factory stocks and put on a pair of custom after market cocabolo stocks and now the thing really looks like a custom 1911 ! All and all, I would recommend this gun to anyone in the market for a reliable 1911 clone. As an aside, I also own a Taurus 92-AF 9mm with fixed sights and that gun functions as reliably and accurately as the PT-1911 does. It’s never jammed or failed to fire (over 1000 rounds, all factory ammo). One thing though, the rear sight had to be moved a little to the right on initial sight in with a rest at 7 yds. For some reason the thing shot slightly to the left.

    • justin says:

      i just bought a pt1911 ss w/rail. and i havent just it yet, but all the reviews make me sketch about the gun, just curious if i made a good choice?

  4. I have had my Taurus PT 1911 for almost 3 years now, and have NEVER had any malfunctions! It seems 100% reliable in “my” hands. My belief about people reporting “bad” weapons is that: 1.) They shouldn’t shoot a 1911 as their 1st handgun UNLESS they are willing to learn HOW to shoot it safely & properly! It IS NOT a beginners gun, in my opinion. 2.) I have seen “bad” Colts, “bad “Para’s, and “bad” Springfields! It just happens… More often however, I have seen “bad” shooters with “bad” habits! It too happens…
    My PT-1911 SS Taurus is quite accurate, with my only dislikes being non-adjustable sights & the ugly black grips, that are standard. Trigger pull is fantastic. Factory mags are outstanding. Finish is very good. If you shoot reloads (or anything other than 230 gr.), read the materials that are out there and buy new springs!
    Give me my PT-1911SS any day, over ANY 9mm (US Govmt… pay attention here…) John Browning got it right over 100 years ago! No plastics in the frame… No need for super capactiy mags (that is, if YOU know how to shoot & hit your target with “aimed” shots! (again, US Govmt… pay attention here…) Just hard hitting & accurate, once you learn YOUR job!

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