Taking the AR-10 Full-Auto

One of my big yet-to-be-fulfilled dreams to to test drive some full-auto rifles. I’ve done full-auto airsoft, but hey- that’s just not the same. Over the past year, I’ve gotten to know John Hwang, the owner at Rainier Arms. Northwest Gun Magazine and Rainier Arms will be teaming up on some really cool content for the first four issues of  the magazine which will be very interesting to say the least! More details on that to follow.

John gets to have a lot of fun in his line of work- here’s a video from the Rainier Arms YouTube channel showing him shooting the Mega Ma-Ten 308 full-auto, JEALOUS! Check out the big smile at the end…

Some day- I just keep having to say that- some day…

Any of you had the opportunity to shoot full auto?


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