Print out your own targets! Some of my favorite free online resources

Tired of paying for targets when you go to the range? Does your favorite range not stock the targets you like to shoot? It may be time to find some free targets online, and to print them out for your next range trip! Since I refill ink cartridges myself, I find this to be a super-cheap and convenient way to go for targets. Here are some great online resources for targets.

First are some great PDFs that you can download from the Glock FAQ Target Gallery, you can also click on the image below to download those individual targets…

First, the 30′ Olympic airgun target is one that I like to use both in the garage (air pistol) and at the range (for one-up pistol target shooting, at 30′ range):

Second would be a simple 4-up target that can help get the most out of each page (and also minimize setting targets. Ideally, I like to put two of these out at a time so that I can shoot 8 groups before retrieving the target, again at 30′ range typically:

For rifle shooting at close distance (AR-15 with iron sights, etc) I tend to use the same targets as shown above. But when shooting out at 100-200 yards, I use the great target from

It’s great to have a leather portfolio full of printed targets, target spots, pens/pencils, a digital micrometer, and other frequently used range items. Regardless of whether I’m shooting at an indoor range, and outdoor range, or on a forest service road, I always have plenty of targets in my range bag.

Have other free targets that you use frequently? Please share!


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3 Responses to Print out your own targets! Some of my favorite free online resources

  1. stefan says:

    Love the idea, thanks for the pointers. The accurateshooter target looks particularly useful – if one is using a scope that is. 🙂

  2. Jeremy says:

    I’m a big fan of’s drills. They have the applicable targets listed within the specific drills.

  3. Aeron says:

    I have also gotten many targets from they have hundreds of them, precision, games, silhouettes, ets.

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