NWGUN.com Response to the NRA Press Briefing 12/21/2012

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We are all affected by the horrible events that unfolded at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of the families that were affected by this tragedy.

Today, the NRA held a press conference where NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre communicated the NRA proposal in response to the recent tragedy in Newtown.

I wanted to take a few moments to communicate how we at NWGUN.com feel about what the NRA proposed.

First, I found the implied “connection” between gun violence and media (particularly video games and movies) difficult to understand. It’s hard to understand exactly what Wayne was proposing if anything. We feel that it’s a parent/family responsibility to keep track of what kids are watching, reading, playing, etc. We’re not aware of any evidence that playing violent video games has any effect on crime rates.

Second, I wanted to state some beliefs that we stand by here at NWGUN.com:

  1. In America, we have the constitutional right to defend ourselves. This right includes lawful gun ownership via the 2nd amendment, and the right to carry where carry is legal. NWGUN.com believes in these rights from a philosophical perspective, and is committed to protecting these rights for the current generation and future generations.
  2. Some forms of gun legislation make sense. This would include restricting individuals with criminal histories from owning, possessing or carrying firearms. This also includes restricting younger individuals from buying or possessing firearms. While this kind of legislation may “make sense” We question how effective most of these laws are. If someone has a criminal history, they have already shown disregard for the law. Why would anyone believe that convicted criminals will obey gun restrictions?
  3. Creating “gun-free” zones creates an opportunity for violent crime. Since law abiding citizens are the ones that obey such restrictions, this creates a natural opportunity for those who don’t obey the law or are not mentally stable.
  4. Our country should act to address school safety in ways that are effective, not out of fear or gun-phobia. There are no easy answers, and we must be courageous and respond in ways that are effective. The solutions to gun violence in schools should include empowering effective and timely responses to violent tragedies as they unfold.

To summarize, we are not sure about what the NRA was inferring regarding guns in media, we don’t think that’s the issue. The proposal for a “National School Safety Shield Program” sounds promising. We will look forward to hearing more details as the NRA shares more information.

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3 Responses to NWGUN.com Response to the NRA Press Briefing 12/21/2012

  1. Ed Wanat says:

    I think the NRA reply was poorly and haphazardly done. I told them so in their follow up questionnaire. (I’m a member)

    I do agree with you 100%. However with the media and the anti-gun lobby beating the drums, the 2 amendment is going to take a beating in the next few months. The media want a scapegoat badly, and the NRA jumped up and gave them one.

  2. MacBeth51 says:

    I agree totally with 3 and 4. I can agree with item 2 to a limited extent

    Item 1 has several commonly made errors of fact. The right to self defense is not a “Constitutional Right”. In fact, the Constitution does not exist to “grant” rights. Fundamental rights, natural rights, God given rights, call them what you will, the Founding Fathers considered their existence “self evident”, and predating the Constitution, or the Declaration of Independence. Are the rights to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” in the constitution? Are they then void because they are not there?
    Many of the Founding Fathers considered the “Bill of Rights” superfluous. Others, having a mindset like a modern safety engineer, insisted on it’s necessity. Thank Heaven for the “belt and suspenders men”.
    The Founding Fathers did not try to enumerate all of our rights, considering it an impractical, and limiting task. If the “Bill of Rights”, which, effectively, is the only part of the original document to guarantee rights enumerates all of our rights, then we truly are in a sad state

  3. Thomas Vinson says:

    I agree with you Gavin. Criminals totally disrespect rules, and we need a way for innocent people to be actively protected from the people that would hurt them. How this would be done without compromising our rights I do not now. Thanks for sharing your views.

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