Legislation News: U.S. House of Representatives Adopts Right-to-Carry Reciprocity

Good news for concealed carry permit holders… the Right-to-Carry Reciprocity bill H.R. 822 has taken another step towards becoming law. Passing the house, the next step will be to go on to the senate.

Here are the basics of this bill:

If you can legally own a firearm and have a concealed carry permit, you can carry in other states with the following exclusions/provisions:

  • You can’t carry in states that do not allow concealed carry or don’t issue concealed carry permits
  • You have to have ID with a picture with you when you carry

I would urge you to read the full details of the bill to find out more about H.R. 822.

If you feel compelled, please contact your senator now to make sure this bill has every chance possible of becoming a law!

You can read more about this development HERE at the NRA website…


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