Do you feel safe when you go shopping?

Do you feel safe when you go shopping? Have you thought about what you would do if a violent incident were to break out in a shopping mall or other business? Do you feel prepared to defend yourself and your family?

Black Friday is a time when shoppers head out in force. The primary motivation is the promotional deals that retailers use to get people into their stores. Some times these deals are so good that shoppers loose control, especially when inventory starts to run low. Last week, there were several violent incidents around the country. For more information about these incidents, see the article here.

Here are a few thoughts for keeping you and your family safe when shopping:

  1. Avoid physical retail locations during peak shopping times if possible (Black Friday, week of Christmas, etc) – try shopping online
  2. Keep an eye and ear open and be aware of potential conflict if you see or hear something going on
  3. Be patient and respectful – don’t pour gas on a hot fire, and if provoked, don’t take the bait!
  4. If you don’t feel good about the environment you’re in, leave – your safety and your families safety is more important than a good deal
  5. If you can legally, carry a weapon that you could use as a last resort
  6. Participate in training and come up with a plan for protecting yourself and your family

Happy shopping!


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