Training and Fun – BB and Airsoft Replicas

A real Smith and Wesson TRR8 (Top) and replica BB gun (Bottom) - Image coypright 2012

Training is a good idea, regardless of whether it’s for accuracy, defense, or other forms of “preparedness”. In an ideal world, you would have a shooting range in your backyard, an unlimited supply of ammunition, and a daily shooting schedule. No problem! Shoot and practice every afternoon. Doesn’t that sound nice? It does, but it’s not exactly reality. That’s where training replicas come in handy. If you want to train for a particular weapon, and if you can find a replica with similar weight and handling, you have the opportunity to train at home (and have some fun at the same time).

My friend Drew Peterson just took the plunge on a Smith and Wesson Performance Center 327 TRR8 (See video post HERE). A very nice 357 Magnum revolver for sure! Since Drew is the consummate enthusiast, the next step was to order up the Smith & Wesson M&P R8 Revolver BB Air Pistol (very close to the TRR8 in terms of features and size/ergonomics). While this BB gun doesn’t have a “Smith Trigger” by any means, it’s a really neat replica, and a good instrument for basic practice and fun. You can load BBs into the supplied 8-shot ring that snaps into the cylinder, and then take 8 successive shots. The Co2 cartridge fits into the grip area – out of the way. Being a BB gun, it’s not exactly a “tack driver”, but it does offer the opportunity to go through the basic paces, and feels like a lighter weight cousin to the real TRR8.

Did I mention it’s just plain cool? 🙂

All of this black revolver action has inspired me – more on that later!


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