Kel-Tec PF-9 Range Report – Best Group Yet!

Best group shot so far with the PF-9 - 6 shots in .627" 7 shots in 1.200" - Image copyright 2011

Last week, I took my friend Tim’s Kel-Tec PF-9 to the range to do some reliability testing. He was having some issues with extraction, and had replaced the extractor (Kel-Tec had sent him a replacement extractor and spring free of charge). The gun performed better, but still showed some intermittent extraction issues. This is a bit strange because my PF-9 does not exhibit the same problems.

In the process of testing his gun, I had probably the best grouping that I’ve shot with a PF-9. For a 7-shot group, 6 shots fell within .627″  and 7 shots in 1.200″. I was very pleased with this performance at a typical defense range (12′ in this case). I normally don’t shoot anywhere near this well with mine, but on that day I did quite a bit of practice. I think that was the key!

Closeup of the best group of the day - Image copyright 2011

I was reminded of something during this range trip: be careful when inserting magazines into the PF-9! because of the flush fit between the magazine and the grip, you can really get pinched (think of needle nose pliers when they slip off something they are gripping when your finger is in the way!). This lead to a cut that looked a lot more sever than it actually was.

Ouch! I wasn't careful when inserting a loaded magazine - Image copyright 2011

So what’s a man to do when suffering a bleeder at the range? Improvise. I took a cleaning patch and taped it around my hand with the masking tape I use to secure targets. Worked like a charm (except I couldn’t really bend my finger 🙂 )

I’m thinking a chamber polish is in order… Then, more shooting! Stay tuned for more PF-9 news here on NWGUN.


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7 Responses to Kel-Tec PF-9 Range Report – Best Group Yet!

  1. Tim says:

    Called Kel Tec today and they’re sending out another bag-o-extractors…with this accuracy, we need to get this baby working right!

    Thanks for testing Gavin!

  2. GW says:

    My nephew just got the PF9. The first 79 rounds, the barrel slamming into the top of the frame peaned it closed and it failed. Keltec said it probaly missed being heat treated propery. He sent it back today hoping to get it replaced before christmas.

  3. TGugs says:

    Never seen a PF-9 with a metal trigger…or is it just coated to appear so..

  4. Rob says:

    Very happy with the accuracy, reliability, size and low weight of my PF-9.
    I have recommended it to several friends who have purchased it with the same happy results.

  5. JBeechel says:

    I had the same problems with my PF9 and FTE’s. I found this fix online:—Failure-To-Eject-problems.html

    After the fix, I can get through roughly 100-200 rounds before the tiny gun is just too dirty and starts having problems anyway. That said, it made me comfortable with the PF9 as my daily carry again.

    It worked for me is about all the endorsement I can give.

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