Like the AR-10 Platform? Check this out!

Over the last year, I’ve had the opportunity to deep-dive into multiple AR platforms. Starting last Fall, I did a complete series on building, precision loading, and progressive loading all related to the AR-15 platform. This project typifies how I like to learn a subject – jump in with both feet, study/research, and learn by doing. I guess you could call it a “balanced hands-on approach”. This project was a lot of work for sure, but after completing my AR-15 build and several for friends, I had a solid foundation of knowledge on the subject, and a true passion and respect for this class of rifle.

Being a guy, I soon started to think about “a bigger boom” and a “further reach”. Why not do something with the AR-10 platform? There was little question that I would be interested in shooting AR-10 style rifles (and handloading for 308 Winchester, that goes without saying 🙂 ). So I started the “AR-308” project. This time I started with a complete DPMS LR-308b rifle, and proceeded to accessorize and equip this rifle for precision shooting. I mounted a Millett TRS-1 scope, swapped out the trigger for a Geissele SD-C unit, and also did a few other tweaks. Following that I did some videos and posts related to single-stage reloading for 308 Winchester, and also progressive reloading for 308 Winchester.

This project was a lot of fun! As predicted, I absolutely love shooting 308 Winchester via the AR platform. This is one cool rifle, and I’m looking forward to doing more precision shooting with it, and perhaps hunting, wouldn’t that be fun?

Expect to see more AR-10 content both on Ultimate Reloader, and on NWGUN!


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4 Responses to Like the AR-10 Platform? Check this out!

  1. David Brooks says:


    Thanks to my new found passion for sport shooting, taken up due in part to physical injuries while in the service. Mrs. Clause, AKA my beautiful wife, got a Lee LoadMaster in .45ACP but I’m heart attack serious and dead-set on building an AR10 in .308, but would like to do two. One for me and one for my Dad. Budget minded, I’d like to see a solid action profiled with options shown from the 1K to 1.5K per build. And the components need to be readily available through my local, FFL.

    Thanks so much and a great new year to you.

    David Brooks

  2. brandon says:

    Do you have any good base starter loads for this 18″ DPMS AR-10. I will be picking mine up soon. Along with RCBS single stage reload kit. Cant wait!

  3. John Culbertson says:

    I looking for a 270 semi automatic with 20 shot clip built on the AR 10 platform. Can someone build this for me?

  4. John Culbertson says:

    I’m looking for a 270 semi automatic with 20 shot clip built on the AR 10 platform. Can someone build this for me?

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