Northwest Gun Magazine – What is it? Part 1

Hello everyone! So far here on, you’ve seen a small part of what Northwest Gun Magazine is about. The blogroll that you see today will continue to serve as a source of information and discussion, but Northwest Gun Magazine is not just going to be a blog, it’s going to be a publication, and more.

In a series of blog posts, I’ll walk through the vision for Northwest Gun Magazine, and also solicit ideas and feedback so that I can build it into something that is meaningful and exciting to the Northwest gun owner and shooter community. In this first post, I want to share with you my vision for Northwest Gun Magazine, and walk through the aspects of this publication that will make it “A Different Kind of Gun Magazine”.

First and foremost, Northwest Gun Magazine is about guns in the Northwest. What does this mean? There are many different aspects of shooting sports and gun ownership in the Northwest including your rights, concealed and open carry, shooting sports, land use rights, hunting, gun shopping, and defense/training to name a few. Northwest Gun Magazine is all about bringing these topics to life as they apply to the Northwest region. We’ll be focused on Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, but also cover topics pertaining to Alaska and Montana when possible. In the Northwest, we enjoy a great range of diversity in terms of the types of sports, places, weather, and natural features that embody the Northwest. This is an amazing backdrop for the stories we’ll tell in the magazine.

A snapshot of the beautiful Northwest - Hillside in Winthrop, Washington

Northwest Gun Magazine is about quality. What inspires me and brings me satisfaction is to tell a powerful story with great writing, stunning photography, and with resources and information that has educational value. Northwest Gun Magazine is focused on using great writers and great photography and video to tell shooting and gun stories in a way that is engaging and inspiring to readers of all ages. People respond to quality – that’s a bet we’re making with this publication.

An example from an upcoming article of the photography that will be featured in Northwest Gun Magazine

Northwest Gun Magazine is about telling both sides of the story. Have you ever read a gun review that focused on the strong points and conveniently glossed over the rough edges? I have. I feel there is a large need for more down-to-earth gun reviews and other product reviews. Every piece of equipment or firearm has “Pros” and “Cons” – I feel that balanced writing that covers both highs and lows is most beneficial to you- the gun enthusiast. By providing you with the “full story”, you will be better informed when you go to make purchasing decisions. This kind of consumer focus brings me a great deal of satisfaction!

Do you have feedback or ideas? Please share!




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10 Responses to Northwest Gun Magazine – What is it? Part 1

  1. Jeremy says:

    I’m interested in quality writing about firearms that’s less gun-pr0n and more higher-end periodicals. Less “SOF”, more “Atlantic Monthly” (ok, a little too highbrow, but the point is there).

    My personal slant is more towards competitive shooting. I’m a newbie to that arena, so reading articles that encourage me to improve (and ways to do so) are of interest to me.

    And looking forward to great pics – I’ve been admiring the work that JP Visual Design has been cranking out for WCA lately.

  2. Paul says:

    Looking forward to all that has to offer.

  3. Shawn says:

    I want to learn more about how I can get involved. Knowing things like when there are local shoots, or if a Boy Scout troop needs volunteers would be great. It would also be great to know when important bills are coming up so we can call our representatives and make shooting and gun ownership a little easier.

  4. Tim says:

    I’m really excited to see what comes out of this magazine. Knowing the level of detail and information Gavin provides with his work, this promises to be an excellent resource. I appreciate the general news that other magazines provide, but to have content that is targeted to the area in which I live and play is very appealing. I hope that we see a real gathering of local organizations and individuals investing in the work.

    Thanks Gavin for another awesome product!

  5. David Brooks says:

    How about periodic stories on various shooting disciplines/events here in the the PacNW?

  6. Rob says:

    I’m excited about!
    I enjoy learning and sharing information that can advance our hobby.
    Living in the PacNW makes it even better.

  7. Roy says:

    Hey Gavin! I saw one of your mails asking for ideas/feedback etc. for the project. If you ever are in need of content for folks new to guns, my 10yr old son Carter and I are planning a series of firearm related videos (mostly about safety for the first set). He is the personality and the intention is to provide a non-threatening (i.e. non-Navy Seal type) intro to the greatest sport/right on God’s green earth.

    We’ve just started and only have one video up so far, but we’ll be doing one per week from here on out. You can get a flavor here:

    Let me know if you’d ever be interested in an angle like that. Good luck with the project!


  8. Dave says:

    Along the lines of what Roy speaks of, how about some good basic, newbie information to help advance the cause. A lot of the stuff out there is too gun-pro-centric (or tries to sound like it). Help create a non-threatening informational path for people who would like to learn or get involved in firearms in all their incarnations and uses. Maybe a section just devoted to the basic whats and how-tos.

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