If you have been wanting to build an AR-15 rifle, this Northwest Gun Magazine Web DVD will serve as a great guide and resource for your build. This affordable web series DVD contains videos that were shot in HD with high-quality sound. Each video clip covers a specific set of assembly or planning steps, and provides you with clear step-by-step instructions. While this DVD is focused on building a precision long-range AR-15, it will serve as a great resource regardless of the type of AR-15 you are building.

Filmed, edited, printed and replicated in the United States of America

Video Chapters:

1. Planning: preparing for your build
2. Tools: AR-15 and general tools required
3. Upper Part I: ejection port cover / forward assist
4. Upper Part II: barrel / gas block / gas tube
5. Handguard Install
6. Bolt carrier group assembly/dis-assembly
7. Lower Part I: magazine catch / pivot pin
8. Lower Part II: trigger / Grip / Safety
9. Buttstock / takedown pin Install
10. Scope install

Video Screenshots:

Main Menu:

Planning: preparing for your build

Tools: AR-15 and general tools required

Upper Part I: ejection port cover / forward assist

Upper Part II: barrel / gas block / gas tube

Handguard Install

Bolt carrier group assembly/disassembly

Lower Part I: magazine catch / pivot pin

Lower Part II: trigger / Grip / Safety

Buttstock / takedown pin Install

Scope install

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DVD Disclaimer

©2012 ultimatereloader.com – Unauthorized reproduction, copying, digital uploading or downloading prohibited. All Rights Reserved. Please consult federal, state, and local laws before obtaining or assembling a rifle to ensure possession and assembly of the firearm is legal. Always ensure your firearm is unloaded before beginning any kind of assembly, cleaning, or repair work. Ultimate Reloader and Northwest Gun Magazine assume no responsibility for bodily harm, injury, or property damage that may result from the use of a rifle that was assembled, modified, repaired, or otherwise altered in ways that are depicted in videos included with this DVD.


One Response to NWGUN Store

  1. Mark McAvoy says:

    Hello Gavin!
    After watching the video series on Ultimate Reloader, I am interested in purchasing this DVD and trying the build process for myself. I have one question, that is dogging me here. In the section “AR-MPR – Upper Receiver Parts List” the choice of barrel that you list is the “Mid-Weight Barrel w/ultra-low-profile steel gas block by SABRE DEFENCE”

    After following the link to Brownell’s they no longer offer that barrel. or any other from Sabre. What 20″ fluted stainless steel match-grade barrel in 5.56 NATO chambering with compensator would you recommend as a suitable replacement? I figured from the quality of your video production and the relative mastery and skill you displayed in assembling this project, you would be the best to know. I searched around, and like the DPMS barrels, but am looking for the fluting and the threading for the flash suppressor.

    Thanks for the highly educational videos on the build and for reloading. Hope you put out the reloading series on DVD as well. Would make a nice comprehensive series on a great hobby.

    Your friend in reloading,

    Mark McAvoy
    Buda, Texas.