Issue #1 – Spring 2012

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5 Responses to Issue #1 – Spring 2012

  1. David Brooks says:

    Great sample, Gavin. Will this be published in print media as well?


  2. David Kraus Sr. says:

    “Great Preview” Gavin. Looking forward to your review on reloading presses. I’m in the market for a new press, need your help!


  3. charles starowicz says:

    Looks grate . How to i get the first copy and how do i know when it ‘s out.

  4. Nick P. says:

    Can’t wait. When does this come out been waiting for a while to see it. Cannot wait to read the articles.

  5. Looks good!!

    I hope you have some good coverage of the local action pistol/rifle competitions too.

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