Like Revolvers? You Should Get to Know Grant Cunningham

One of the most well-known and respected gunsmiths in the Northwest region is Grant Cunningham. I started following his blog years ago, and have enjoyed reading it and learning from it. One of the things that I really respect about Grant is his commitment to giving you the “straight story”. Yes, some gun writers tend to gloss over issues and problems, but not Grant. For instance, if you read his series on the Chiappa Rhino, he doesn’t hesitate to point out issues with the design and shoot-ability of this firearm. He gives you the good and the bad. That makes his blog a valuable consumer resource for sure.

In addition to product information, you’ll find many topics: everything from casual discussion, to gunsmithing and maintenance tips, and even reloading topics and discussion.

If you want to follow Grant, here are the best ways:

The one thing I would like Grant to add is email subscription support (Feedburner is great for this 🙂 )

In addition to reading his blog, you can read his new book (Gun Digest Book of the Revolver). What’s cool is that it’s available in hardcopy, and in eBook formats! I’m reading this book right now, and it’s full of great information, more on that later.


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